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Heller Top Services

Dinklage. Heller Tools GmbH is one of the world's most renowned drill bit manufacturers for professional users. Part of the company's philosophy is that Heller, as a reliable partner to the specialist trade, offers top services that sustainably support retailers and professional users. Heller now has some new services on offer.

The new, attractive presentation of Heller products guarantees a perfect overview of the Heller product assortment. The tried and tested colour coding system and the clear description of the products enable the buyer to find his way around easily and lead him quickly to the right product selection. The presentation of drill bits etc. on the shelf is supplemented by attention-grabbing secondary placements. In addition, Heller also carries out regular promotions in which retailers and end customers benefit from special advantages.

The new Heller product catalogue, which was published in spring 2017, offers an excellent overview thanks to the clear structuring according to application categories. The extensive service area contains a variety of practical tips and tricks as well as application recommendations. This additional information helps sales staff to provide customers with optimal advice on drilling, chiselling, cutting, sawing and grinding.

The use of digital media by specialist dealers and professional users is growing rapidly. Heller serves this trend with its new website, on which the company offers unique services: under the heading "Heller TV", video tutorials are shown, which provide entertaining tips on drilling in various materials and situations. An extensive knowledge database with information and assistance on drilling is available directly to dealers and tradesmen. In addition, there is a dedicated retailer area that provides detailed information with direct downloads of media material, sales documents and promotions. The specialist retailer search puts Heller dealers in direct contact with customers. A special highlight is the digital application wizard, which recommends users the suitable Heller tool for a wide variety of applications. Of course, all website content can also be accessed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Thus, the user has access even when on the move.

Beyond the website, Heller also provides its target groups with valuable background information via its own Facebook presence at

For the future, customers can look forward to further services and activities with which Heller is expanding its position as a reliable, supporting partner of the specialist dealer.